A vertical screen type of dark theme game.3D scenes such as Green Forest, endless waters, snow and ice corridors, and sandstorms are more visually enjoyable;With the automatic combat mode of automatic hang-up, Daguai upgrade is easier;A variety of signature copies of the explosion of the gods, all-round improvement of combat effectiveness;The unique BOSS gameplay gives players a different intoxicating experience.Open free trade market, easy to make big money


For thousands of years, moving the mountain, unloading the ridge, and touching the three major gates of the Golden Gate to gallop the underground world, touch the golden symbol, the soul of the town, three thousand roads to break the machine. In the game, you will become a true dragon-seeking person, a golden hole, a candle, and a treasure in the remains of the ancient times, endless treasures, waiting for you to collect and trade!"Touching the Golden World" is a 3D national style game, with a household adventure adventure as the background, faithfully restore the plot of the novel, incredible puzzles, professional training, and open the "golden age" of the Chinese mobile game industry.Six legendary professions, comic-style exquisite people, rich collection of treasures and antiques, and take you through the yin and yang, vertical and horizontal, and the ancient tombs of the ancient tombs. Through the unique feng shui secret technique, the points are divided into gold, and the veil of the eternal story is unveiled![Featured gameplay]Immersed back to a pure adventure experienceExquisitely concealed, interlaced underground palaces, different shapes, competing companions, with a dangerous treasure hunt, a serious adventure and feast is about to begin.Alone tomb, set aside heavy fogThe confusing plot, the intricate relationship of the characters, and all the truths are all surfaced in the game to find the dragon's point. The squadron broke through the ancient tombs and digs three feet to treasure.


Originating from the western magical continent, carrying the mission of saving the original patron saint of the six races, in order to revive the balance of ecology of the mainland, the four classical magical professions have come back.Ethnic history exploration, adventure journey, mainland renaissance mission, from equipment creation, transfer test, adventure boss, summoning god, to equipment trading, guild confrontation, world hegemony, 3D magic MMORPG mobile game "Abyss continent" will Give you the ultimate gaming experience.Fine scenes, character modeling, and vivid models restore the weapons, costumes, mounts, wings, and pet materials, allowing you to truly experience the dark beauty of the epic magical continent during the adventure.[game features]1, four major occupations,Classical magic career: Warrior, Ranger, Assassin, Master chooses, tailor-made skills to help exploreWarrior: Devil Ghost Hand, Rage Bloodblade, Magic Warrior Heavy StrikeRanger: Blasting Arrows, Ecstasy Trap, Spiritual Ranger Thousand Feathers AwakeningAssassin: The phantom of Shura, the moment of harvest, the Rakshasa messenger breaks outMage: enchantment, fantasy storm, Nether Master come to life2, six maps, mysterious NPC story waiting for you to digSix maps, NPCs with fate and staggered, what kind of ethnic secrets are hidden between different continents?Upgrade the level and open up the six adventure maps, so that you can feel the magical dark beauty of the magic continent on the road of the upgrade.


The Q version of the hilarious Tucao Japanese Ninja card action mobile game attack! "Zhan Ji Ren Fa Fa", re-awake your power of the second, and test whether you are the empiric draw of the European emperor or non-Emirates, detonate your second yuan laugh, let you laugh and fight!Game features1. The whole process is voiced by well-known vocal voices.2, carefully created scenes and pictures, giving you a different visual enjoyment3, rich feature gameplay, hang up to collect money, multi-line development, etc., more various PVP and PVE gameplay4. Each character has unique skills to create your own strong ninja lineup!Extreme light and shadowSince it is a war of endurance, it is natural to have a battle scene with a hot exception. In "Zhan Ji Renfa", the dazzling to the ultimate battle scene will let you feel the HIGH to the ultimate bursting picture, enjoy the violent and violent murder! Light and shadow intertwined, ice and fire, and the exquisite vertical painting with the character skills, the whole battlefield is filled with the spark of power and gorgeous collision, bursting with fierce battles!


The miracle masterpiece "Magic Awakening" combines a beautiful 3D non-dead-angle map with a beautiful hand-playing screen, and incorporates a new battle mechanism. It also has a real-time team melee while interpreting the sense of impact, and is honored in the PK. Hey.      The game scenes, models, and special effects are all produced using 3D technology. The game screen is exquisite and gorgeous, providing players with a magnificent western magical world and a refreshing combat experience. Players can train character battles in the game through equipment, war wings, sacred soldiers, holy shields, astrology, etc., as well as magic pets, mounts, heroes, and help you grow up and no longer alone. In addition, the game also provides a variety of single, team, guild and even cross-service a variety of colorful gameplay, the world of vindictiveness and magic, waiting for you to fight!


Lingshi - Guofeng two yuan card round hand tourHow many inheritances does China still disappear? Every museum is a treasure trove of national cultural genes, and the life track of each cultural relic is amazing."The Spiritual Master" contains the ancient artifacts of the dynasties and the stories behind the moving people. The game makes the ancient artifacts incarnate through the method of objectification, which allows you to touch the cultural treasures in all aspects. As long as someone is willing to understand the ancient culture of the next five thousand years, it will continue to pass on in the world!The National Treasures are anthropomorphic and continue to write the legend of the national treasure of the millennium!Alien Crossing Open the Fantasy Treasure TourQ version of the national wind legend ancient treasure incarnationThe first national treasure anthropomorphic hand tour


The new 3D Xian Xia mobile game "Yu Jian Xian Xia", millions of players to create a national-level mobile game! 3 transfer to the post, advance against the sky; cross-service peak PK, rewards a comprehensive upgrade; sister marriage, Shengshi wedding full service parade! Equipped with artifact collection, enjoy the cool image of your personality; 1 day 300 level easy to cultivate the king into the king, the battlefield of the three worlds, enjoy the super-fast feeling of 10,000 people worship! Hang up offline, fair trade, more surprise benefits waiting for you in the game! Send the best red martial arts, civilian players no longer need to worry![Game Features] Original cultivation system - high-order fires swallowed, the strength of the second rise 99999![Drunken Beauty, Panoramic Wonderland]"Yu Jian Xian Xia" uses full 3D modeling, through the large seamless map, beautiful scenes, to bring the most authentic restored immersion experience for players. At the same time, each martial art is equipped with a variety of cool skills, combat visual impact![cross-service battle, sword refers to eight shortages]There are a lot of multiplayer gameplay in the game. For example, the Xianmeng chicken fight, the players of each Xianmeng kill each other in a shrinking poison circle map, survive to the end; the three battlefields, the players are random, people, fairy, The magic three circles, kill the enemy to gain points, immediately resurrected and rejoin the battle after death; the treasure map competes, the player searches for the treasure map in the same map, kills the enemy to rob the treasure map, and uses the treasure map to mine rare treasures!


Instant PK, fighting without lock; free trade, Xianshi earned ingot, large MMOARPG "Furious Fury" shocked! 3D mobile game engine carefully created a seamless world, take you to visit the beautiful mountains and rivers; cross-service PK, 10,000 people with the screen battle, the group battle against the head; personal BOSS, team copy, instant challenge upgrade strength; equipment all Fall, free trade, easy to make money to get rid of the troubles of sheet metal! In addition, all-weather BOSS gameplay, so that you can kill all the time and enjoy the exciting experience of the host game![Multiple benefits, login and delivery]SSR pets, ancient artifacts, iron horse mounts, advanced materials to help the fairy path, swim the world.【Combined marriage】Marriage fashion, cool title, special equipment, couple copy, take you to experience the husband and wife concentric, its profit and loss.[Artifact equipment, create by heart]In the wild BOSS lost treasure, God installed to create music non-stop! God loaded the system, the copy is free to fall![Amazing appearance, full of personality]Characters, pets, mounts, wings, magic weapons, god soldiers and many other beautiful appearances are available for you to choose from, and you can cultivate them yourself. The attributes and shapes are mastered by you!


The national rhyme Xian Xia mobile game "Jian Xian Yu" opened the journey of immortality today. The game opens two classic occupations of Jian Ji and Shen Wei, freely configures skills and upgrades talents to create your own combat system. Unique signatures, passionate challenges, rich gameplay, and experience a different upgrade pleasure. Team training, marriage and love system, Xianmeng work together to develop, make friends and fight side by side, can also grievances, happy and enmity. Beautiful and beautiful appearance and scenes, showing the fascinating world of Xian Xia, fighting is easy, the fingers are flicking, the demon is flying away, the other kind of journey of cultivation, I look forward to your opening.[Xian Xia Mei Xia Yi Jiang Hu]The fingertips of the world of Xia Xia are beautiful, and the full 3D modeling perfectly presents beautiful scenes such as canyon, wonderland, prefecture and fairy city, and truly makes people swim in the middle of the painting. Robbing BOSS, fierce battles in the wild, the ubiquitous PK battles bring you the most authentic pleasure and enmity. This river and lake, just waiting for your arrival.[Xian Tu Qing Yuan Love Three Life]The centuries-old fairy tales, who can meet you on this long journey, is the best proof of fate. The future road will not be lonely, and I will accompany you on a romantic wedding to let our full-service players witness our story. Team copies, couples test our tacit understanding, more love skills, help kill the enemy.


Famous will be very arrogant - Three Kingdoms classic Q version card gameThis is a three-dimensional card game with ancient Chinese as a historical background, with players to experience the classic battle of history. The game is rich in gameplay. In addition to the regular main line copy, arena, gang system, military commander and other gameplay, it also adds the game's deputy attributes, position and separation order, passive skills and other special gameplay. Strive to give players a perfect all-round gaming experience![Featured gameplay]The picture is exquisite, handsome and makes you have a different card experience!Extreme challenges, brain-burning strategies, and the creation of a strategy genre that best suits your style!Enriched cultivation, soaring power, igniting PVP, and arguing for cross-service competition![mass welfare]Seven days to log in to send the red will, the camp is the strongest rate waiting for you to come!100,000 yuan Bao Da delivery, daily on-line to receive massive ingots!Reward rich, powerful orange clearance copy can be obtained!