Famous will be very arrogant - Three Kingdoms classic Q version card gameThis is a three-dimensional card game with ancient Chinese as a historical background, with players to experience the classic battle of history. The game is rich in gameplay. In addition to the regular main line copy, arena, gang system, military commander and other gameplay, it also adds the game's deputy attributes, position and separation order, passive skills and other special gameplay. Strive to give players a perfect all-round gaming experience![Featured gameplay]The picture is exquisite, handsome and makes you have a different card experience!Extreme challenges, brain-burning strategies, and the creation of a strategy genre that best suits your style!Enriched cultivation, soaring power, igniting PVP, and arguing for cross-service competition![mass welfare]Seven days to log in to send the red will, the camp is the strongest rate waiting for you to come!100,000 yuan Bao Da delivery, daily on-line to receive massive ingots!Reward rich, powerful orange clearance copy can be obtained!