The pure 3D magic MMO mobile game "The ultimate Divine OL" shocked! The new rushing group battle mode is waiting for you to super-god, the whole people cross-service PK, married sisters, Q cute pets help you double the property, one person control group to kill BOSS, improve the chance of explosion; no threshold to experience a variety of mounts.This is a continent of swords and magic. The warriors will carry a sacred mission, starting from the novice village, gathering partners and starting a journey of fantasy. The new Western Fantasy ARPG mobile game opens up a world of brave dragons, with the game in the background of a completely independent original steam and magic worldview. Here, the Warriors will be steadfast to a group of Q's cute and unique partners, and form their own league guild to fight to save the continent and win glory. The Warriors set off and ventured off![game welfare]1. Daily mission to receive diamonds, and civilians no longer need to use it;2, the next day sign in the collar fashion, the combat power is soaring 9999;3, on the 3rd, the title of epic, the shape and strength are both correct;4, red envelopes to introduce a new experience, so that you can consume at any time.5, free trade is all unlimited, from scratch to get rich;