Instant PK, fighting without lock; free trade, Xianshi earned ingot, large MMOARPG "Furious Fury" shocked! 3D mobile game engine carefully created a seamless world, take you to visit the beautiful mountains and rivers; cross-service PK, 10,000 people with the screen battle, the group battle against the head; personal BOSS, team copy, instant challenge upgrade strength; equipment all Fall, free trade, easy to make money to get rid of the troubles of sheet metal! In addition, all-weather BOSS gameplay, so that you can kill all the time and enjoy the exciting experience of the host game![Multiple benefits, login and delivery]SSR pets, ancient artifacts, iron horse mounts, advanced materials to help the fairy path, swim the world.【Combined marriage】Marriage fashion, cool title, special equipment, couple copy, take you to experience the husband and wife concentric, its profit and loss.[Artifact equipment, create by heart]In the wild BOSS lost treasure, God installed to create music non-stop! God loaded the system, the copy is free to fall![Amazing appearance, full of personality]Characters, pets, mounts, wings, magic weapons, god soldiers and many other beautiful appearances are available for you to choose from, and you can cultivate them yourself. The attributes and shapes are mastered by you!