The new 3D Xian Xia mobile game "Yu Jian Xian Xia", millions of players to create a national-level mobile game! 3 transfer to the post, advance against the sky; cross-service peak PK, rewards a comprehensive upgrade; sister marriage, Shengshi wedding full service parade! Equipped with artifact collection, enjoy the cool image of your personality; 1 day 300 level easy to cultivate the king into the king, the battlefield of the three worlds, enjoy the super-fast feeling of 10,000 people worship! Hang up offline, fair trade, more surprise benefits waiting for you in the game! Send the best red martial arts, civilian players no longer need to worry![Game Features] Original cultivation system - high-order fires swallowed, the strength of the second rise 99999![Drunken Beauty, Panoramic Wonderland]"Yu Jian Xian Xia" uses full 3D modeling, through the large seamless map, beautiful scenes, to bring the most authentic restored immersion experience for players. At the same time, each martial art is equipped with a variety of cool skills, combat visual impact![cross-service battle, sword refers to eight shortages]There are a lot of multiplayer gameplay in the game. For example, the Xianmeng chicken fight, the players of each Xianmeng kill each other in a shrinking poison circle map, survive to the end; the three battlefields, the players are random, people, fairy, The magic three circles, kill the enemy to gain points, immediately resurrected and rejoin the battle after death; the treasure map competes, the player searches for the treasure map in the same map, kills the enemy to rob the treasure map, and uses the treasure map to mine rare treasures!