Originating from the western magical continent, carrying the mission of saving the original patron saint of the six races, in order to revive the balance of ecology of the mainland, the four classical magical professions have come back.Ethnic history exploration, adventure journey, mainland renaissance mission, from equipment creation, transfer test, adventure boss, summoning god, to equipment trading, guild confrontation, world hegemony, 3D magic MMORPG mobile game "Abyss continent" will Give you the ultimate gaming experience.Fine scenes, character modeling, and vivid models restore the weapons, costumes, mounts, wings, and pet materials, allowing you to truly experience the dark beauty of the epic magical continent during the adventure.[game features]1, four major occupations,Classical magic career: Warrior, Ranger, Assassin, Master chooses, tailor-made skills to help exploreWarrior: Devil Ghost Hand, Rage Bloodblade, Magic Warrior Heavy StrikeRanger: Blasting Arrows, Ecstasy Trap, Spiritual Ranger Thousand Feathers AwakeningAssassin: The phantom of Shura, the moment of harvest, the Rakshasa messenger breaks outMage: enchantment, fantasy storm, Nether Master come to life2, six maps, mysterious NPC story waiting for you to digSix maps, NPCs with fate and staggered, what kind of ethnic secrets are hidden between different continents?Upgrade the level and open up the six adventure maps, so that you can feel the magical dark beauty of the magic continent on the road of the upgrade.