For thousands of years, moving the mountain, unloading the ridge, and touching the three major gates of the Golden Gate to gallop the underground world, touch the golden symbol, the soul of the town, three thousand roads to break the machine. In the game, you will become a true dragon-seeking person, a golden hole, a candle, and a treasure in the remains of the ancient times, endless treasures, waiting for you to collect and trade!"Touching the Golden World" is a 3D national style game, with a household adventure adventure as the background, faithfully restore the plot of the novel, incredible puzzles, professional training, and open the "golden age" of the Chinese mobile game industry.Six legendary professions, comic-style exquisite people, rich collection of treasures and antiques, and take you through the yin and yang, vertical and horizontal, and the ancient tombs of the ancient tombs. Through the unique feng shui secret technique, the points are divided into gold, and the veil of the eternal story is unveiled![Featured gameplay]Immersed back to a pure adventure experienceExquisitely concealed, interlaced underground palaces, different shapes, competing companions, with a dangerous treasure hunt, a serious adventure and feast is about to begin.Alone tomb, set aside heavy fogThe confusing plot, the intricate relationship of the characters, and all the truths are all surfaced in the game to find the dragon's point. The squadron broke through the ancient tombs and digs three feet to treasure.