The Q version of the hilarious Tucao Japanese Ninja card action mobile game attack! "Zhan Ji Ren Fa Fa", re-awake your power of the second, and test whether you are the empiric draw of the European emperor or non-Emirates, detonate your second yuan laugh, let you laugh and fight!Game features1. The whole process is voiced by well-known vocal voices.2, carefully created scenes and pictures, giving you a different visual enjoyment3, rich feature gameplay, hang up to collect money, multi-line development, etc., more various PVP and PVE gameplay4. Each character has unique skills to create your own strong ninja lineup!Extreme light and shadowSince it is a war of endurance, it is natural to have a battle scene with a hot exception. In "Zhan Ji Renfa", the dazzling to the ultimate battle scene will let you feel the HIGH to the ultimate bursting picture, enjoy the violent and violent murder! Light and shadow intertwined, ice and fire, and the exquisite vertical painting with the character skills, the whole battlefield is filled with the spark of power and gorgeous collision, bursting with fierce battles!