The national rhyme Xian Xia mobile game "Jian Xian Yu" opened the journey of immortality today. The game opens two classic occupations of Jian Ji and Shen Wei, freely configures skills and upgrades talents to create your own combat system. Unique signatures, passionate challenges, rich gameplay, and experience a different upgrade pleasure. Team training, marriage and love system, Xianmeng work together to develop, make friends and fight side by side, can also grievances, happy and enmity. Beautiful and beautiful appearance and scenes, showing the fascinating world of Xian Xia, fighting is easy, the fingers are flicking, the demon is flying away, the other kind of journey of cultivation, I look forward to your opening.[Xian Xia Mei Xia Yi Jiang Hu]The fingertips of the world of Xia Xia are beautiful, and the full 3D modeling perfectly presents beautiful scenes such as canyon, wonderland, prefecture and fairy city, and truly makes people swim in the middle of the painting. Robbing BOSS, fierce battles in the wild, the ubiquitous PK battles bring you the most authentic pleasure and enmity. This river and lake, just waiting for your arrival.[Xian Tu Qing Yuan Love Three Life]The centuries-old fairy tales, who can meet you on this long journey, is the best proof of fate. The future road will not be lonely, and I will accompany you on a romantic wedding to let our full-service players witness our story. Team copies, couples test our tacit understanding, more love skills, help kill the enemy.